As this post was coming about in my mind, the first thought was such a STRONG reminder why I want to chat about this. Why I want to bring light to such a situation that we forget so easily and probably believe at the same time.

At times I’ve held back from posting certain blogs because I wasn’t “there” yet. I did not think I was not in a position to give advice to all my sisters and brothers in Christ because I was sinning and or struggling myself.


Do we just stop sinning when we are set free from one struggle or addiction OR are even forgiven from a certain sin. No, no, no and NO!

I, myself, am struggling in this moment with sin. As I said, I felt so unworthy to speak about something that can be so contradicting. Well, I was reminded in this moment with one powerful, bold word. GRACE! God’s grace is sufficient for us. In other words, HE. IS. ENOUGH. Despite the dirtyhabitual, “fill in the blank” sin, sweet brother and sister, God sees you white as snow. He sees you as perfection. He has more than enough grace for His kids. He created grace, so just think about that for a second. 

Without a doubt, I HATE sinning. I hate making the same mistake over and over and over and over again. Whether it’s purity, lying, pride, addiction, affair, pornography, manipulation, etc etc, whatever the struggle you and I may have, do not speak lies over yourself that you are not worthy or “you do not deserve it” (we don’t). I’ve been there. You’ve been there, plenty of biblical people have been there as well. Jesus asks us to do simple little things and one of those is to stay strong in the word of God for times just like this. Speaking truth over yourself because your identity is NOT in those lies or sins. Your identity comes from Christ and Christ alone.

So this is for ones who are broken as. Who are struggling, feeling unworthy, just can’t catch a breathe. We all are struggling with something, we all are born into a broken world which consequentely means we too, are broken. We all feel unworthy at times and less than. But do not let your feelings or negative thoughts be your answers.

Jesus is the answer.

Jesus determines your worth. Which, let me remind you, being a daughter or son of Christ you are co-heir’s with His kingdom. You are royalty. You are washed clean like snow and wrapped in Purple because who you belong to. I know you and I fight this daily but stand strong for we have the FULL armor of God protecting us from any type of lie, threat, physical, mental, and emotional attack. Our God is such a gracious loving God. Thank you Abba.


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