Wake Up

Jesus, break my heart for what breaks yours.

I’d like to share about something that breaks my heart to pieces.

This is for all the shelia’s out there. The ones who post naked photos on the internet, the naked photos blur out the female parts, or how about just wearing clothes that are so sheer you can still see every crack and crevice. OR how about the infamous bikini post of you being at the beach but it’s literally a photo of your breast and or bottom. Really…

Can I just ask something you may not get asked all the time?

Why? Why do you feel the need to ostracize your body to the whole world?

Why do you feel the need to show your lady bit’s to every person on social media?

Why do you feel the need to post such vulgarity?

What benefits do you think it will bring to this world or yourself?

How does showing everything about yourself make you a confident woman, heck even a feminist?

It breaks my heart to see so many girls post their bodies just to make a statement. iMy body is mine, so I can do whatever I want with it. Yes, you can. However, there’s a line to being art and legit pornography. How about, I am embracing my unique body. That is so bold of you to speak about yourself, but does it need to be in such a bold way? It almost seems as if the less clothes these days, makes you a fashionista and more likable to the opposite sex. The more bikini photoshoot shots you get, the more famous you are.

Wake up people!

We are making dumb people famous. I don’t mean they are dumb, I mean what they stand for is so incredibly mind draining, it hurts to think this is what keeps our dark world going around, as well as superficial relationships.

How does a new skimpy bikini line contribute to this broken and messed up world? It doesn’t… It makes it much more broken.

So why in the world do we support this? WE THE PEOPLE are the only ones to blame who allow this nonsense to continue.

Outside of this narcissistic social media world, we have stronger issues we should worry about. Each and every day there is something new or something that is continuing. If we speak about how we want to change this world and make it a better place, why don’t we start putting our focus on something that really matters, and start making life-threating situations famous rather than your silly skimpy bikini line or taking those pornographic non-facial bikini photos you call “selfies”. Stop focusing on yourself for once and put that focus somewhere else.

You could just change the world.




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