What’s Next?

The fight of the century just happened. Mayweather against McGregor. Each party will make millions no matter what, winning or losing. Mayweather is 49-0 coming out of retirement, however, making it 50-0 from this win of this fight. Whilst McGregor is basically the top dog of UFC fighting, he had a great fight. After the hoe down, each party is now millions richer with the winner bringing home an alligator belt and an even bigger stack of millions.

Ok. Cool. An alligator belt is pretty awesome not going to lie. Then, making millions isn’t half bad either. Here comes the but. But, after all, that is said and done, what’s next? When you are undefeated, what’s next? When you have more money than you know what to do with, what’s next? If your identity is wrapped up in what you do, what’s next?

Living a luxuries lifestyle probably has its perks but also has its downsides as well.

What do you do when you have it all? When you can get anything you want whenever you want, what’s next? Having the money, having the fame, having the trophies, the belts etc, again, it’s probably nice. However, maybe for that second while you soak in the fact you have just won X,Y,Z.

The next day, week, month, even year comes. Ok? So, you’ve reached the peak… what’s next? I can’t imagine living the lifestyle of having it all and knowing that’s where my identity is found because it can be gone in an instant. It’s all really just stuff when you think about it. Nice, man-made, dust collecting, stuff. When it comes to careers, trophies, tangible acknowledgments, we humans invest so much into that stuff and that’s where we get our satisfaction from majority of the time. Why? Why do we invest so much into that when it’s not going to matter in about a week? You’re always going to want more, but when you’ve reached all the more you can have, what’s next? What’s the purpose of investing into things that will fade, break and disappear? It’s clearly temporary satisfaction and to be honest, who really wants that? It’s almost like a trick to make you “happy” but in reality, is it really making you happy, is it making you a better person, is it helping you in any way or even the world for that matter? If the answer is no to any of these, you may want to rethink what the purpose is of getting so involved with this stuff we call entertainment, life, careers, experiences…you get the picture.

What would happen if we invested all our passion into that x,y or z and heck, even pursue something that could possibly be eternal? It could be everlasting, it could be constant, it could be forever? Talk about full satisfaction. It could potentially help you in the long run rather than just for a second. How literally life-changing could that be for you. For me. For us? How great would it be to know that you can go beyond the peak? You don’t need more to have it, you can just be where you are right now and be eternally set.

To be continued…


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