No Makeup, No Makeup look.


For some of us, acne, pimples, blackheads and even those nasty devil bumps I like to call whiteheads are presented to us during our lifetime. Believe it or not I, too, suffer from such atrocious blackhead spreads and acne breakouts from time to time… still. Having the genes of my mother has allowed me to have some-what great skin throughout my life thus far, so when I break out, I BREAK OUT with a couple massive creators on my face. A brown paper bag can’t even help, those suckers suck.

When it comes to beauty routines, it blows my mind by some beauty bloggers and what they use. Heaps of products, multiple masks, etc etc. I understand exfoliation is brilliant, but once in awhile because if you do it too aggressively you will actually remove the good oils in your skin that will then cause you to break out that much more since you have too open of pores… or something like that.

To be informed: Every time I use St. Ives, I am never let down with how well it works. I started using this face wash about 10 years ago. No face scrub will actually remove your zits like magic, but I can let you in on a secret about St. Ives. ONCE YOU’RE CLEAN, YOU’RE CLEAN!  

Ditch the multiple toners, the cleansers, the masks, the wrinkle creams (cos we all know that doesn’t really work) and keep it simple. Even though some products may say anti-ageing or anti-wrinkle heck, even tightening formation, think to yourself, that can’t possibly be good for your skin or the environment. I swear by this routine, I rarely wear makeup these days. Mascara, sure but foundation BYE FELECIA. Only special occasions do I wear makeup but that’s beside the point. A clear face is a free face, ayyyyy

So… want baby bum smooth face. Then follow these life tips: I also do this routine twice a day, every day if you’re a curious cat.

Side note: When I want to chill out and do masks, I use St. Ives Nourished and Smooth Oatmeal scrub and mask. It works WONDERS babe.

We shall begin:

  • Put about a quarter size of scrub on zeee hands.

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  • Scrub scrub scrub St. Ives gently. It is a 3 out of 5 on the exfoliator scale. For a good minute

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  • Once finished, use this lotion! It. is. gold. A wee bit goes a LONG WAY. so seriously, chill on using heaps. (actual amount used) Purchased from: Sams club.

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  • The last step to looking like you just came outta the womb. Lotion that face up sweet cheeks. Get it… cos cheeks and womb. Geez, I am hilarious. && you’re done.

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