Bikini Babe

Winters attire is going to consist of bikinis, bikinis and oh yeah, bikinis.

When it comes to finding proper fitting swimsuits, that’s a job in itself but when I find one that actually fits, that’s a job and a dream come true. The struggle is real. 

Thank goodness to my go-to store, Glassons provide the cutest swimwear collection. It’s bloody affordable and designs are beautiful.

I decided to go with an underwire look, aka looks like a bra, only because that’s the only type of style that fit my body type properly. I am smaller in the rib cage and a bit bigger in the bust, so the fact I found a swimsuit that I do not need to tailor I’m over the moon. I am also pumped about this suit because of its colour. If you don’t know, you know now. I am a sucker for grey. It’s the new black in my wardrobe, so once I saw that suit, instantly had a connection. There’s no padding, it could easily be passed for underwear but it’s the 21st century I guess anything goes, right? Also, the back does not tie, it’s a clasp so that means it will hold no matter how hard a wave hits you.

The bottoms are fabulous fitting. I am not a fan of the thong swimsuits or the full coverage, I like the in-between. A little bit playful and cheeky. Another small detail is that these bottoms are almost like no-show victoria secret underwear. You can hardly see the lining of them, so honestly, this could be an underwear set if you’ve skipped laundry day!!

  • Top: 19.99$
  • Bottoms: 16.99$

Glassons has a sale right now for swimwear, 2 for 30$. So get it while you can!! Apparently, these are the hot commodity. You can find my swimsuit right here.




Cheers to my beach bunnies!




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