Pass It On

Often, I have people who come up and compliment me on my clothing and or accessories. I am very flattered and greatly appreciate those compliments.

The other day I was given a compliment by my waitress on this ring I always wear. It’s something that is precious to me and I wouldn’t ever want to lose. However, with a bit of thinking something was brought to my attention after that comment.

I have a love for fashion and am constantly wanting to share that with others. I also want to figure out how I can extend that beyond my blog. So, what better idea than to hand off something so beautiful? Over the past few years, I have had a better understanding that materialistic items are just items. If you don’t wear them, they just sit there. Despite having this ring be my favorite of all my rings at the moment, I can always find another one. Instead of consuming a piece so much, why not share my treasures with someone who I know will appreciate them just as much as I would? I want to help the people of this world become more stylish one ring at a time, ya know?

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Enjoy your new home little flower! You will greatly be missed.

Note to self: next shopping trip, find a new statement ring.




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