Hello, It’s Me

Greetings and salutations friends,

My name is Sierra-Joy for those of whom do not know my real name. I am the gal behind BigCityDreamer, aka bcitydreamer aka, BCD. If you are wondering what the significance of the name is, do let me explain. I love any city environment; thus BCD was created.

Let the vulnerability begin:

– Surface level questions and answers are my PET PEEVE.

-I basically learned how to walk from skiing, then right after switched to shredding. side note, I regret listening to others, or else I would be pro.

-I  have a massive love for photography. Anything and everything, I love capturing moments.

-I’ve always had a hard time with speech but recently it’s been bad, so social anxiety is kind of a thing now… adding yet another thing to “what’s wrong with Sierra” list. LOLZ.

-Grey is my favorite color because black, is well, black and white is just asking to get dirty, so grey it is.

-I am 25% Japanese and really effing proud of it.

-Singing is my jam, get it… so are puns.

-I am extremely competitive.

-I am an adrenaline babe.

-It takes me a bit to get scared but I hate surprises… hmm ironic?

-Long evening walks are my thing, especially on beaches.-Jesus is my savior.

-Jesus is my savior but other religions/faiths fascinate me.

-Podcasts, period.

-One day I want to be married, adopt a few kids and have a massive home that can host people who are in need of the basic essentials.

-I’ve never had a proper boyfriend/been in love.

-Matured quickly thus, didn’t really have a childhood.

-Grew up in a household w/o TV so had to be creative from the start.

-I hate stuff. If you don’t use it, get rid of it.

-I’m allergic to alcohol but do not get affected by tequila. Shots anyone?

-I strongly dislike social media

-This kiwi lifestyle has made me prone to swearing.

-Anything outdoors lets go.

-I’m turning 23 in two months and am thinking I’ll have my mid-life crisis sooner rather than later. Oh, yah did I mention, I really don’t like birthdays or holidays for that matter.

-The more I get comfortable, the louder I am. Ok fine, I’m just a loud person.

-I am EXTREMELY sarcastic.

-Call me at 3am, ill listen.

-Quit uni after my second year and two years later, I’m going back for my teaching degree, then masters.

-Professional people watcher should be added to my resume.

-People drive me nuts.

-Oh yeah, I forgot to mention as well, I love fashion.

Ok, that’s a lot… but it makes up for the fact I answered in short responses. Essentially it would’ve been this long otherwise.

Here’s a snippet of the other side of my fashionista self. Hope this helps you get to know me a tad better and if you can relate, rock on.






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