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It is that time of year again to pump your stomach with vitamins and herbs to keep that immune system up!! I believe I have mentioned this before but will do it again. Boy scouts honour, holy grail whatever the term may be I swear by these goodies. All can be purchased from your local vitamin and or health store.

Pau D’Arco- is an all-natural flower/herb that does wonders for your immune system. 1 full droplet

Echinacea- when taken with Pau D’Arco this works double time. Also another natural herb. 1 full droplet

Vitamin C- Everyone knows about this particular vitamin, orally take 6000mg of this or 6 whole vitamins.

Zinc- keeps the immune system strong whilst it’s fighting off any type of germ and or bacteria. 1 zinc

Tea- Sick or not, tea is great to sooth that throat. Specifically, teas that have chamomile and echinacea infused as one of the top ingredients.

You can take all this when you having a feeling you’re coming down OR when you are sick to help your immune system fight whatever you may have.

last but not least, WATER. Hydration is key during those cold seasons, if not all year round. It’s great for the skin and great by keeping your urinating so you pee all those toxins out. Just what you need to refrain from getting ill.



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