Going Back To The Basics. aka 411

As we humans go about our daily lives, it seems as if our conversation skills are lacking pizazz. It’s as if we have become overconsumed by screens and noise that we cannot even comprehend and or share one’s knowledge about interesting facts of this world, life, the human body, etc. Wait that’s happening as we speak. It’s happening whilst your reading this BUT seeing this screen will give you an outlook to teach one on how to re-invent the basic ways of humans. Such as conversations at dinner, on the subway,  first dates or even drinks with friends. That too, can be very dull and boring. Nothing intriguing, nothing unusual just the basic 411. Hear no further!! Awhile back as I, too, was overconsumed to my screen and watching a YouTube video, I stumbled upon a fantastic account called Ted Ed which you can find here. It covers any topic and or lesson you could possibly think of. They have pleasing visual videos that allow us right-brainers to comprehend what is actually being said. Whilst, on the other hand, I thoroughly enjoy Stuff You Should Know podcast, is clearly only a podcast, no visuals so left-brainers can go crazy too. This particular podcast title speaks for itself, all those little things you think about and want to know, they have the answers and or theories for you. Either or, you will be filled with factual knowledge!

Side note: If you’re reading this then you have access to either or, so no excuses!! 

We all may have heard growing up or if you’re of the Z generation, from me to you, knowledge is keyKnowledge will get you places and will keep people on their toes. I believe stimulation of the brain is brilliant. It keeps those muscles working and allows yourself to keep growing in more ways than you know about yourself. For me, personally, to have a pleasing conversation with one, it entails intriguing facts on a topic of something you may not know about or are refreshed on. Go beyond the blue lighted screen and work those brain muscles. Re-furbish the stimulation and make yourself think again. I encourage you the next time you want to talk about mind depleting stuff, instead, find some interesting facts on Ted-Ed or listen to a SYSK podcast and whip out your knowledge to impress that next person you come in human interaction with. It’s better than repeating boring old gossip or mindless thoughts. Before you know it, we all could possibly know how to properly converse again with impressive topics of the little fun-filled facts on life.

One can only dream. 

but for now, enjoy new conversation starters for that date night, girls night, subway ride to work or just a walk in the park chit-chat. Knowledge will be the new 411.


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