An American Living In NZ

Life in New Zealand has been wonderful! With so much to say I decided to make a list of my thoughts and opinions on being an American while living here.

  1. “Oh, You’re American?! Do you own a gun.”
  2. “Hillary or Trump?” Oh, and what’s it like living under the reign of Trump?
  3. “Wait, let me guess your accent. CANADIAN!!” Never have I ever been so offended and annoyed at one question. 
  4. Being American is the assumption that we are all wealthy… Not the case.
  5. “ayyy 420 .” Not all Americans/Denverites smoke pot, people.
  6. Kiwi’s can be nice but they can also be very passive aggressive.
  7. The food here actually tastes like food. Never have I enjoyed a salad so much.
  8. 7am Coffee, please. Lunchtime, Coffee, please. Dinner time, Coffee, please.
  10. Walking with no shoes on just about anywhere.
  11. There is an actual dress code when going to a club. I love it. 
  12. New Zealand has SO much to see you need a good few months just to travel the surface level. There are even places where cows are counted for their population… just kidding.
  13. The Edge Radio station is by far THE best station you could possibly ever listen too. Will be cracking up all day.
  14. Tipping is not a thing because it’s already added to your bill.
  15. 2.00$ NZD for a Liter of gas.
  16. Add 30 minutes to everything. Because no worries mate. Reality is, they under-exaggerate heaps.
  17. Auckland is the 4th most expensive place to live in the world. Essentially, nothing is cheap. Goodbye daily Avo intake.
  19. The Maori culture is quite fascinating.
  20. They despise anything that has to do with the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings.
  21. Men Police officers are tatted up and are very very attractive.
  22. NZ people live in a bubble. It’s quite peaceful.
  23. Some Kiwis are crazy tall.
  24. They also are massively family oriented. It’s adorable.
  25. Wifi and data are EXPENSIVE.
  26. When people are out they actually talk to other people not look at their phones.
  27. Kiwis travel overseas but eventually make it back to their hometown… WHY?
  28. Kiwis also don’t really travel their own country… because they’d rather go see other countries… uh ok?
  29. Foreigner going out, no passport, no exceptions.
  30. Kiwis can drink!!
  31. If you’re looking for nightlife, go to Europe.
  32. YOU NEED to go down to Raglan and surf. Also, stop at the local Raglan Roll Up Ice cream/burrito shop. Your stomach will thank you. BEST BURRITOS EVER.
  33. At first, you cannot understand the accent but you’ll get used to it.
  34. You’re bored whilst in NZ, your fault.
  35. The education system and insurance policy are brilliant.
  36. 15 min burn time during the summer sun. WEAR SUNSCREEN if you’re not used to the sun.
  37. They say partner or misses for their significant other. It means boyfriend or girlfriend.
  38. “My shout” means “I’ve got it.”
  39. “Ya reckon?” means, ” you think.”
  40. “Good on ya” means, “good for you.”
  41. “Yi Yi Yi” means yes.
  42. Torch means light or flashlight.
  43. The letter Z is pronounced like “zed”.
  44. They are incredibly vulgar and swear like sailors.
  45. The professional sports names are based on “all blacks”.
  46. They do not get crazy at All blacks Rugby games. They just clap their hands like they are watching golf.
  47. You will never be lonely in this country. Kiwis are so warm and welcoming!

I know that was a lot but just wanting to inform my fellow travellers of what they should expect when coming here. However, all opinions are my own! Enjoy your travels mate, you won’t regret it.


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