Happy New Year

Being in the industry of blogging, it is wise to take everything you see with a grain of salt, as what your mother said to you, growing up. Most of us all know social media can twist anything and everything to make it look exactly perfect. Perfection does not exist. Close to it, maybe. But that’s only an opinion.

Over the years of tip-toeing around the idea of blogging and figuring out what I want to do with it, Big City Dreamer has been and will always be very important to me. It’s an outlet to share my feelings, thoughts, secrets for savvy shopping, personal struggles, my faith, etc. I’ve learnt in the past year though that it’s a tough industry. It seems like these days, it’s the rave to have a blog. Thus, that’s when the challenge kicks in and the golden questions are asked.

What do I have that they don’t? How do I stand out from the next?

Surprisingly, I was inspired this morning to write this piece. It’s NYE. Usually, you have the latest and greatest outfit aka the perfect outfit, the plans, the environment, the drinks to drink and the great posy of people around for when that clock strikes 12. More specifically, It also is a keen time to have great content. Exactly, content. That’s what a lot of the blogging industry is about, the best content. How to have the best angles, lighting, the stuff to show off, the best ideas etc. Hear me out, I am not bashing my fellow blog mates at all. I am just simply stating and everyone can agree that when it comes down to it, it’s all about what the audience wants to see, and for some, in order to succeed too. If it’s not ascetically pleasing than it’s looked over. Ascetically pleasing may not always mean authentic or real, it just simply means attractive. My goal is to have Big City Dreamer be astatically pleasing but between those words, posts and pictures, I want truth, grace, love, authenticity and creativity to flow as well. It may not be something you enjoy hearing, seeing or reading OR perhaps agree with but it’s real and I aspire to share my voice. Reality is not reality in this day in age. We don’t truly see the struggles that each and every one of us goes through because we blind others with facades and walls. However, for some, I applaud the courageous act of putting down the walls and showing that side, we need more of you!! My blog may not be the go-to blog like the next, but I want this space to be safe, and reality. To be honest and helpful in ways I hope it can be. Big City Dreamer is beauty within in the brokenness. Despite how the words may sound, or the pictures may look, just know that each post and each word that is shown is honesty unless otherwise specified.

So, this post goes out to NYE 2018. Tonight would be great to post on the blog, to show memories of what happened at the start of 2018. To show that adorable outfit you searched and searched for and the smile that completed the outfit. However, today has been awful, plans have fallen through, it is not picture-esc nor astatically pleasing, oh well. I won’t be getting glammed up and be surrounded by others whilst the champagne is being popped and the ball is being dropped. I will be alone at home with my brand-new rescue pup and a glass of red wine. As much as I would rather be out, sometimes life is not so astatically pleasing, sometimes life is reality and when it hits you it allows you to have a reality check and know that not everything is going to be amazing all the time. I won’t have pleasing content for some for the New Year but what I will have is a blog that is wanting to show realness one post at a time. A lot to share or not a lot to share, as long as something inspiring can be said and shown, Big City Dreamer has done everything it can do.

I certainly get inspirited by other bloggers and what they post and say, but lately, it has seemed as if a majority of the bloggers I follow have very similar content with the twist of their own personal touch sometimes. Again, I am not bashing, as said earlier I am inspired, but at the same time, It would be nice to see different views and opinions on anything and everything. So that’s where I am hoping Big City Dreamer can come in. Add some versatility to the industry, add some personal touch to reality and inspire someone or a few. Remember, you don’t always need to be like everyone else and do what everyone else is doing. As one of my favourite designers says “When you don’t dress like everybody else, you don’t need to think like everybody else.” – Iris Apfel. This quote can also and is applied to my personal every-day life too. If it is true what you are speaking people will appreciate it in more ways than you could possibly ever know.

Here’s to another New Year and another New day and another new chance to inspire, motivate, learn and bond with one another. I am looking forward to seeing all my fellow blog mate’s posts on how glamorously beautiful they looked on NYE and future posts. Enjoy tonight my friends, and have a bloody good time no matter what you end up doing. Be safe and be smart.

Happy New Year!!

HEAPS of love,

Big City Dreamer


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