Savvy Shoe Shopping

I go through seasons of appreciating certain accessories, pieces or styles. This season I am going be focusing more-so on shoes and glasses/frames. For this particular post, we are going to focus on shoes and the ambience they can provide for whatever style outfit. The shoes will speak for themselves and complete the outfit as well. I am pretty savvy when it comes to shopping for deals and affordable pieces. Especially when it comes to shoes since I have a foot of a 4-year-old girl. It’s hard for me to find shoes but not at DSW. They have a constant sale section and shoes that fit me in-store. I have very narrow and small feet, so I have to try on always before I buy because I could be SOL with any online purchase. DSW always always always has the hook-up when it comes to stylish affordable shoes. No matter the season, style or fit, they are reliable as. I’ve shared this secret before but if you’re new, you bet your sweet bottom I’ll share it again. If you want to be really savvy, shop the season before-hand and or last seasons. Being stylish and fashionable comes down to not following the rules. It’s about stepping out of the box and going beyond the boundaries. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on shoes, clothes, accessories, etc. Yes, it can be nice to splurge but when it comes down to it for me, it’s all about savvy affordable fashion. Style is defined by a price, it’s defined by the creator. These shoes are from summer 2017, but I believe are and will be so in come summer 2018.

Chanel introduced the very popular slingback shoe back in the 50’s. They are making an abrupt mark in the fashion world right now in the 21’st century, or 2018. They are so stylish and a must-have classic. These shoes are bloody versatile, with or without socks, with or without tights. No matter what you’re feeling, these babies should be an essential to one’s wardrobe. You can find this exact slingback right here!


Mules are on the comeback as well, I found this particular Kelly and Katie mule-inspired sandal that I am in love with, which you can find right here. They are similar to the infamous Gucci leather slippers that we saw just blow up all over, but these are more-so for the warmer weather. Fun fact, the Mule is a hybrid shoe. It’s a pump, slipper and sandal all in one. Back in the 18th century, the Mule was a way to show status and wealth. But in today’s world, it’s just another way to show style in the shoe world, Manolo Blahnik expresses it’s another form of being sexy since there’s a certain way to walk in them, it’s exquisite.


We all know very well about the gladiator sandal and the frenzy it was a few years ago. It was a bit over the top if you ask me and styled in a very tasteful way, let’s just say that. This Steve Madden gladiator shoe can be found right here, is a more modernized gladiator shoe I believe. It’s incredibly stylish and just overall fun. With the buckle clip and elastic wrapping around your ankle, provides a detailed-chic look.





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