Cleaning Sticks

We all dream of clear skin, right? Sometimes our hormones, genetics and diet like to decide otherwise for us. Granted, I’ve always had pretty clear and healthy skin; however, stress is massive in my life and that’s causes crater sized pimples on my face which I believe is more noticeable than little zits.

It’s almost been a decade since I’ve been using this particular beauty line. St Ives is hands down the best product for my skin. Don’t get me wrong between the decade, I’ve tried a few other products but I always end up going back to my roots. The reason why I am wanting to brag about St Ives is… the product itself is 100% natural. Essentially, you could eat it, however not sure it would taste too good so I would not suggest that but for all you naturalists and environmentalists out there like myself, this product is for you sister! Recently, St Ives was so kind enough to send me their newest product that just launched; Face Cleansing Stick. && without a doubt 5/5 stars for me.

First off, anytime packaging is aesthetically pleasing I’m game. Once I saw these babies I was all for it. Being sticks, they are a solid formula. Which allows it to be travel-friendly, YES! Living where I am, I am constantly going up and down in elevation, so having these products tucked away in my luggage, a little stress is off the shoulder about explosions or mess. At the moment, I am attracted to the Matcha Green Tea & Ginger Stick. It’s a detoxifier and cleanser that gives you some great glow. Matcha is great for the body but also great for the skin in the beneficial way of reducing inflammation and helps with ageing. Ginger has 40 antioxidant properties in it that help with radical damage. It also is an all-natural supplement for an immune booster. Mixed around with those yummy ingredients is 100% coconut oil. BONUS! St Ives products are all paraben free and non-comedogenic, that again reduces stress and makes me feel that much more comfortable putting that all over my highly sensitive skin.

When it comes to applying the product. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Like another other face wash, you wet/damp your face and then apply the product. I do circular motions on my cheeks and then move throughout my whole face. The sticks are not exfoliators, they are specifically cleansers and just removing that layer of pollution we all get throughout our day. Personally, I love the fact that I’ve never had a bad reaction to any of their products. My face is incredibly sensitive, so even that is a massive plus in my book. That’s why you always need to check the ingredients, no matter what they say or you hear, doing your own research will help you and your beautiful face in the long run.

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Thank you so much, St Ives, for the products, keep up the good work!! 


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