Nakey Nakey

Let’s just say, life was not keen in Steamboat. I was hardcore fifth wheeling, (where my single ladies at) I suffered from a bad case of altitude sickness, to then almost severely passing out from elevation/a bit of alcohol was in my blood and then legit almost suffocating from doing the polar plunge (which I brought onto myself.) Please, no sympathy for my stupidity. Steamboat, however, had some breathtaking views, snow falls and great places to feed on. Go to steamboat whenever you have the chance, and make sure you acclimated or not weak like myself.

On a more positive note, some of you may know about Strawberry Springs being the naked springs… well, I sadly did not see and nudist or else I would’ve joined. (Where my Adam’s and Eve’s at?) Me being the competitive person I am, I dared myself to do the polar plunge in the freezing section of the springs and as I said, almost suffocated. Despite some scary as moments, the food made up for it big time. When it comes to mountain towns, I believe they always have secret stellar food. We went to a burger pub called Back Door Grill. The burgers were average sized but let me tell you the burger itself was the opposite of average. What I ordered was a personal creation of the burger gods themselves. I had a normal well-done patty, smeared with Cream Cheese, Jalapeno Jelly and Bacon, w/ regular toppings too. Am I making your mouth water yet? If food has ever brought me satisfaction, this burger makes the bloody cut.

There you have it. This weekend proved to never ever have expectations for trips… because you never know what could be in store. With or without being dared.

Altitude 1, Sierra 0

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