Flower Power


The only time I’ve ever found something this amazing from HM, was from my time in Melbourne. This two-piece is love in clothing form but in all seriousness. I did get a few looks of confusion may be thinking I’m wearing PJ’s but hey, whoever said PJ’s were not the new new, clearly has no idea what the heck is going. Comfort is in baby!! I also think with two-pieces they can provide such a dressed up ambience without even trying at all. You can go all out with jewellery and shoes, but for my style today, I decided to let the outfit do all the talking and keep everything simple. However, I had to add my favourite new belt bag with this outfit. It’s stunning and such a steal from Zara. If my personality could be seen through an outfit, this would be it. Also, the good deal about having two-pieces are the versatility you can have with it. Mis-matching these pieces is easy peasy.





yay for awkward moments!




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