Passion. It’s inside each and every one of us. Some allow that passion to ooze out and some not so much. Some use that passion for good, some use it for benefiting themselves and then, some waste it.

That good passion is used in such selfless ways to grow oneself, others and potentially our country and even be the first step to a positive movement to another country, for clean water, benefiting more clean oceans, etc.
The selfish passion is used for one to grow bigger and higher than anyone else, the main goal is for themselves and their power only. A bit narcissistic, yah?
Then, we have the passionate people who you’d think with the skills, knowledge and business tactic they have, they’d use it for greatness but they decide to waste it on topics, hobbies and desires that don’t help themselves or anyone for that matter. More specifically this for my bachelorette or bachelor fans.
Through the incredible ways of technology and social media, I’ve been able to get a glimpse of that world and hobby for some. People get so into it, apparently, they do scorecards or in other words; march madness brackets that explains who will kiss who, who will get eliminated or who will get a rose, just going off assumptions here from what I’ve seen. Anyway, it’s intense, it’s genius in a sense because they take their own free time, night time and quiet time to fill their mind with such mind draining information that will hinder future relationships wants and desires in this life. It skews and twist what a relationship truly looks like. It fills your mind with lies and unreal expectations that no other person can fulfill because majority of everyone else’s lives are not being filmed or are skits. Thus, failure of 50% plus marriages are down the drain. It’s unfortunate but with reality being so skewed and people investing their time into information that is not helpful, as I said it’s only hindering and destroying. So, as this can go for everything else, when is the time too put this to a halt. What is it going to take to get tv shows out there that will actually televise truth rather than twisting fantasies? Maybe a few can dream, but in this day in age, anything is possible, right? I do have a few questions to leave with y’all.
– Why do we thrive off of misconception?
– Why do we want to hear false information yet we try to push “let’s just be honest movement”.
– Why do we continue the same pattern and expect a different outcome? According to Albert Einstein, it’s insanity to do such an act.
– Why don’t we fill our brain with sensible knowledge instead of screwed up knowledge?
Maybe these are the golden questions but at the end of the day when you think about it, we do what we do because it’s fulfilling in the way of x,y and z. However, just imagine if we put as much passion into the bachelor/bachelorette skill sheets, and used that passion for world-changing opportunities? Instead of just talking about it and bringing awareness to it, WHAT IF we actually took action, traveled overseas, put ourselves in the situation and had a dose of actual reality. No skits, no re-takes or even green screens. All real-life situations with no photoshop. Then, just then, could change truly start to happen because when you get hit with reality there’s no turning back. Our country and movements always talk about “taking a stand”, well I am here to say let’s take a stand and move that first foot in the direction of change. No more wishful thinking or dreaming, let’s make dreams reality people, it takes one person to create a ripple effect, let’s start walking.


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