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Dresses have never been a favourite piece of mine. However, the older I am getting the more I am embracing my feminine side. side note: I grew up a massive tom-boy and now look at me, I’m wearing dresses. I even thought to myself, when I put this particular dress on, it’s almost a little too girly-girl for me. Don’t get me wrong the cut of the dress is stunning and incredibly flattering, but the detail of it is getting me uncomfortable… They’re hearts? COME ON! As if, I already did not look young, adding hearts to the equation; just sign me up for middle school, again. Sometimes, you just gotta embrace those patterns and moments and let it go. That’s when the power of styling comes in. To make it heaps edgier and provide my personal style, I paired it with my favourite acid wash denim jacket. Simple, easy and efficient. It’s simple as adding a jacket or changing your hairstyle…. whatever it is, twist it up! Don’t let a pattern or certain cut fib you from looking flashy, or feeling flashy for that matter.






Just trying to embrace my inner lion.


Wait, does this look cool?


smile with the eyes… or look like your constipated… that works too!



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