The Struggle Continues To Be Real

The struggle is real and is STILL real and will always be real as I’ve been getting more involved in this industry. Most of you all know it as blogging or social media. I’ve been taught so much over the past few months and how to create my own business and create a name for this passion of mine. On top of that how to be successful in such a thriving industry. What I’ve learned thus far is that it’s all about what the audience wants. What do they want to read, what do they want see, what outfits do they like to wear, etc etc. Essentially what do they want in order for you to gain an audience, to gain a want and desire and or how to inspire, to keep going with what your doing and gaining that platform that everyone else seems to have.


I’m going to be bloody honest with you about my journey thus far. It’s not all roses and smiles. I’ve cried out of frustration heaps of times, complained, argued with myself, given up, kept going, thoughts of changing myself to be like everyone else but then I thought, NO! My niche is to be raw, to be open and not be like everyone else. How else will I succeed and or stand out to the next person? Think about as if it’s a job interview, why would you be the best candidate for the job? What makes you different?
I’m not going to have the outfits that you may want to see, or even want to wear. I may post something that irritates you or even might be something you don’t agree with. I may not be aesthetically pleasing as the next blogger or what your #goals are. But you know what, THAT’S OK! Don’t get me wrong it’s hard not to compare or figure out how to get what they have… but what really matters is authenticity. My brand, my name, myself as a person wants to be as authentic as I can be. To be raw, to show you the other side of the blogging industry and show you it’s not Pinterest worthy all the time. It takes BLOODY work to have the ideal and or perfect posts. It’s hard to get that same exact filter every time, theres always tweaking involved. It’s hard to get everything positioned right in the photo and making sure you post at the correct time and day. It’s seriously a science in a way. But the only want to succeed at what I am doing and what you are doing is to be honest, and keep on keeping on. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. 
So… I’m going to keep at this, I’m going to continue too bust my butt, continue to be creative, find inspiration, create bloody good content and give the audience what Big City Dreamer is. I am also going to enjoy the distress and enjoy the goodness because you can’t take life and your hobbies too seriously.
I want to stand out in the way of being different. If I was like every other blogger, how would that be inspiring? We need people like me and you to show other ways on how to be amazing fashion wise and personally. So as I know to do, embracing those differences is good! Do not settle or change yourself just to make it. Hard work does pay off, it may not be in the timeline of what you expect, but it will. Embracing your differences and standing out, you’re already being a rockstar. So keep on keeping on and what is meant to be will be. Nothing great came easy, so sticky note that everywhere as a reminder of why I am and you are doing what you are doing!
Work harder now, play harder later.


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