A Bit More Alive

It happened, again. I mean I knew it was going to happen but this soon… it was not on the near future timeline of mine. Assuming that’s what they mean when they say, spontaneous. OF COURSE! That’s how I usually live my life, filled with adventure, spontaneous, rash decisions, allowing myself to live in the moment and feel that adrenaline rush that pumps through my veins. A bit melodramatic for this decision but it was for sure at the moment, despite it being a constant thought for a while now.

After a long sleepless night of pondering and Pinterest hairstyle ideas, I knew the next day I had to make this rash decision happen now or it won’t happen for awhile and I needed something to make me feel a bit more alive.

I’m getting to my point, don’t you worry young grasshopper, just want to build up the suspense. 

The next early a.m, I drove to my mum’s house without even thinking about what I was going to do. As I pulled up to her house, I hurried to put my car in park, ran into her house and said: “MUM GET THE BUZZER OUT RIGHT NOW BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND!”

mum: **mumbles under her breathe with a cheeky smile** “you’re going to regret it and complain to me about it… again.”


So, what do I do? I go and grab the scissors and buzzer, tye my long, dark, luscious locks and start to cut off my hair with no hesitation. I kept cutting and cutting and cutting. I then buzzed right in the middle so that way I couldn’t go back from there. I mean could make a fashion statement but rather be buzzed than look like a who from the Grinch with a buzzed middle part.

During the buzzing sessions, my thoughts were flying through my head of how liberating this is. PSA, this is not a feminist movement or free the nipple parade, I simply just wanted to cut my hair because I think short hair, pixies, buzzed hair on a female is incredibly badass and chic. It’s a form of freedom for me and was a sign of breaking free for myself, actually, when it happened. I am so happy I did it. As I said, I’ve been down this road before so I knew what to expect and know what’s to come, MULLETS ARE COMING BACK BABE! 

  • pros: you hair dries in seconds, you embrace the headband life, your hair will grow fast since there is no dye or heat on it (at least for myself), it makes your facial features pop, you can donate it too and help someone, so that’s heartwarming, it’s enthralling and life-giving.
  • cons: you will get looks, lots of questions; why did you do it? are you lesbian? are you sick? I personally hate the fact that short hair has such a category and stigma. PISS OFF! You can’t braid your hair or even curl it, you will get hair envy from others but then realize you are a badass lady want’s to live her best life.

BUT at the end of the day, I did this for myself and no one else, you and the next person are just as brave to do what you did. Yes, it’s bold but you too my friend can do it. It’s hair, and fortunately, I am not sick, so I am looking forward to it growing back and then cutting it all over again. Donating hair is something that is precious to me and there are so many people out there that could use my healthy hair, so why not share?

This summer is going to be great, there will not be any bad hair days, and getting ready, legit takes me 5 minutes if that, including makeup. If you love to sleep like me, more time for that now. DO IT!!


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AFTER: that cut is a 2mm I think… 

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