Sustainability with Cora

If you haven’t seen my recent insta-story, which you can find my insta here, I chatted about this amazing feminine product I just discovered.

Cora? Does that ring a bell. I stumbled upon it at target and was intrigued because of the crisp minimalistic packaging. (I’m a sucker for aesthetics) I had no idea what it actually was until I read the labels. (ALWAYS READ LABELS) They were pads and tampons for women that were 100% cotton. ok, now I was hooked. Recently, I’ve become super paranoid in hearing the TSS stories and told myself I’d never use a tampon ever again and pads, well don’t get me started on those. Anywho, after I read more of the ingredients I decided to go home and do more self- research…


It’s hard to come across feminine products that work sustainably, user-friendly, and are also freaking affordable. Girls, come on, I know I am not the only one who thinks tampons and pads are crazy expensive.

As I browsed more I decided to reach out and they were so kind enough to send me a box full of goodies!! Thank you, CORA!

In this box are as followed:

  • 18 reg period pads w/ wings
  • 18 Body Cloths
  • 18 regular period liners
  • A small box of 6 light – 6 reg – 6 super tampons
  • 1 tampon compact applicator

The story behind Cora is incredible. Talk about the female being the future and taking matters into our own hands. It’s so inspiring to be able to know that when I make this purchase of feminine products, I am also giving back to women who cannot afford nor have any access to such products. In some countries like Tajikistan, women can’t even leave their house when it’s their time of the month, they have nothing to help them and we all know how frustrating it can get when we run out of products. More specifically, Cora is all organic and not just labelled organic their products are non-chemical and can stand being in our human body since usual foreign products reject it, hence TSS. They are Rayon, Polyester, Fragrances, Deodorants – FREE! That’s just the start of it though. You kind find more information on their personal site. Thank you Molly Hayward for your beautiful heart for others! You are changing women’s lives, daily.

No more worrying about TSS, harmful products being trashed into our environment and you’re giving back, IT’S A WIN WIN WIN WIN for everyone!


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